Small Business Document Management

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Small Business Document ManagementSome small business document management systems are just outright… too simple. 1mage software offers a solution that has the robust features and the ability to grow WITH the client on a budget of a small business, 1FILESB. One of the best bonuses with 1mage is the fact that the client never loses their investment.  So say in 3 years the company has grown from 10 to 50 people with a lot more paper to manage and they don’t want to scrap their ‘out of the box’ solution for something with more features. Well, with 1mage you can use your original investment towards our more robust solution without needing to export and import your images from old solution to new solution.

Small Business Document Management is Becoming More Important as the Years go By

Small businesses have a ton of paper too, just not the budget to acquire a so called “fancy system”… or so they thought!  1mage software has developed a small business document management solution that suits just that, a small business. Efficiency, whether large or small, is at the end of the day essential to run any business in today’s economy. The amount of time, space and money that is saved is overwhelming; most customers pay for their system within the first few years. Just think of the paper, envelopes, and postage, not to mention the physical space!

Document management is for small businesses too! Don’t think that because you’re small there isn’t a solution out there for you at a reasonable cost. Sure the initial investment might sting a little, but the return on investment outweighs the costs in no time. 1mage’s small business document management system is the perfect fit across all industries and platforms. Contact for details today!