Document Storage Management

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Document Storage ManagementDocument storage management is key to any business where documents are being stored for mission critical processes. It is important to have a paperless office solution (such as 1mage Software’s system, but more importantly to have that solution manageable.

If you can’t find your documents with ease, then your solution is costing you not only money but time! The organization of the ‘behind the scenes’ component is less relevant to the end user, but still an important factor for the administrator. A self sufficient database is crucial to the IT department! 1mage Software’s database is multi-value and self sufficient, allowing the administrator to never have to worry about it. This is a nice benefit for the IT department.

Understanding Document Storage Management

Another feature of the 1mage Software document storage management plan allows you to set the number of days an image will live in the imaging system based on the type of document it is. However, it still takes an authorized user to completely delete the images.  No more spring cleaning your file folders as your system will clean up after itself! Take full advantage of the space you have on your system, without continually having to invest in more disk space… all without individually looking at each document!

With regards to various document management programs, the security of your documents is perhaps the largest importance of a document storage management system. One of the greatest features of the 1mage system is the ability to know your documents are safe and secure. The ability to secure a document type down to a single index key for each user is a great benefit when security of each document is important. Each user’s login is used to identify which document types they have the permission to view, which can all be adjusted with ease in a snap!