Document Scanning and Archiving

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Document Scanning and ArchivingA document management system is basically a document scanning and archiving system. And as the phrase suggests, it is an archival system for all your scanned documents within an organization. With that being said the decrease in costs, the increase in efficiency and productivity surely outweighs the financial investment one might spend on a quality imaging system.

The premise behind a document scanning and archiving system is to have all documents securely stored in one centralized repository so that those authorized users are able to access the images without being in the same location or having to go down the pipeline and wait on an ‘assistant’ to retrieve the documents and send them over. Not only time saved, but if that document was being forwarded on to a client, you have cut your response time dramatically and provided better customer service to your client. Document scanning storage really decreases the amount of paper your office will need to keep on-site.

Document Scanning and Archiving Saves Money

One versatile document imaging company is 1mage Software located in Denver, CO.  They have a very scalable, flexible and affordable solution. A nice benefit with their solution is the ability to integrate into any line of business software without the need for source code with Zoë Fetch, their integration tool. So while you are in your regular day-to-day application you can access your associated documents with a click of the mouse. No more getting up to locate the invoice from the files amongst files in the cabinet. Depending on your level of integration, most users won’t even know that 1mage Software is part of the equation, but rather that the associated image is displayed when called from their day to day application.  While there are many options out there for a document scanning and archiving solution, one should consider what works best for their company and addresses their biggest pains.